Frame to Finish Builders

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         Frame to Finish Builders is a combined group consisting of three builders. Each brings his own unique skills to the group; when coupled with the strength of their experience, this group becomes an effective construction team. For more than 15 years this group has been working together building many projects. They have built single family estates, townhouse projects, restaurants and even a church.

         Mark Donley started Donley Construction more than 40 years ago. In addition to building some of the finer homes, he also ran production foundation and framing crews. Mark would normally “pull wire” for most of his projects as he is also an electrical contractor. Forest Rall has worked with Donley Construction dating back 15 years. He is accomplished in all aspects of construction. His experience bridges foundation to finish, but his forte is fine interior carpentry. Bob Donley, the youngest of the group, has 10 years of building experience. He combines his building experience with a degree in Environmental Science to include environmental concerns in building projects. His passion is in green building utilizing energy-efficiency standard like Passive House, LEED, Net Zero.

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